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Comments on Light Travel Trailers

Posted on November 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

It’s important to research the size and style of travel trailer you plan to purchase.

Many of the heavier Ultra Lite Travel Trailers that are 6000 pounds plus may be questionable for those looking for an allowable tow capacity. It seems that now the label of ultra lite has become a marketing tool in order to sell more trailers while the actual weight factor is ignored in favor of the perception that the trailer is really easy to haul, has a sleek and simple design and is going to save on fuel. While these bigger lightweight trailers may be nothing for a larger diesel pickup to carry, they may be somewhat misnamed when it comes to selling a true lighter weight and portable trailer.

Campers and travelers looking for a reasonable trailer to haul around should always keep in mind that a trailer’s weight will not take into account all the equipment, clothing, bedding, kitchenware, food, fuel and other gear that must be hauled along with the trailer thereby adding hundreds of more pounds to the trailer. When a trailer is said to be light weight that is a relative term and may not mean that a small pickup truck can carry it.

Be aware that there is a considerable range when talking about trailers of this class and be reasonable when matching up a towing vehicle with a towable trailer. A small lighter crossover with a 1-1/4″ hitch is not going to be able to haul a 5000 pound plus travel trailer over a mountain pass very well and may even suffer from axle damage while towing such a heavy load. The right trailer for this type of smaller vehicle might be a pop-up tent trailer or other type of lightweight towable camper. Always be certain to match the trailer with the vehicle that will be towing it. That being said, there are still great opportunities for finding trailers that can be towed by every day, purposeful vehicles.

It is exceptional to consider that the techniques used in the construction of these trailers will combine sleek and wind resistant designs that will not only allow for towing from a smaller type vehicle but also make for better gas mileage and manageable towability. New units in this field are able to carry the name ultra lite travel trailers simply because they are built with material such as aluminum and other composites instead of steel and wood and are specially designed to make sense for the car, minivan, small pickup truck and lighter SUV to haul.