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Kosmo: The Master Pickup Artist Maker

Posted on October 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

As featured in the VH1 Show “The Pick Up Artist”, Kosmo has been traveling around the world teaching hundreds of men “The Game”. “A few weeks after the show I was up to my A game. Mystery called me to tell me he needed me to drop everything and drive to San Francisco to teach the first two hours of a bootcamp because he was unable to make it. What that bootcamp turned into was about two months of bootcamps that later became filmed and known as “the Mind of Mystery”.

Kosmo was chosen and groomed by Mystery “the world’s greatest pickup artist” to teach the next generation of pickup artists how to play “the game”. Kosmo was groomed to not only be a master pickup artist but a master pickup artist maker. Kosmo has taught men from all over the country, to Europe and Hong Kong, Dubai and more. He can show you how to pick up women at the club, on the street, at work, on the dance floor and at bars and lounges.

Kosmo has a unique asset as an actor/PUA to be able to roleplay with his students teaching them how to come up with their own material on the spot. Kosmo’s improv drills really teach students how to think fast, be funny, roll with the punches, and Microcalibrate. It’s a breath of fresh air for students who have taken other pick up company’s bootcamps where they just took notes all day and then went out, to working with Kosmo who spends one hour teaching and then spends two hours of having students DOING.

Kosmo’s bootcamps are eye opening life changing experiences. Over the entirety of three days you will learn the fundamentals of how to meet the women you’ve always wanted. With around 18 hours of seminar on approaching, attraction, comfort and seduction material and techniques, and about 10 hours of LIVE IN-FIELD coaching, your success with women will dramatically increase for the rest of your life.

All of our students approach about 50 women during our bootcamps. How many women have you approached in the last year alone?