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Pickup Truck Rentals

Posted on October 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Pickup trucks are very useful in moving luggage and other household goods while moving from one house to another. Though originally designed to haul cargo, pickup trucks have become immensely popular for luggage transport also.

There are many companies who rent out pickup trucks, depending on individual requirements. Before deciding which company to hire the pickup truck from, you need to be sure of the services they provide. There are companies that provide ‘self-service moving,’ which means that instead of paying the mover to come and pack your luggage, you can do the packing and haul the luggage into the truck. This will reduce your expenses; otherwise, you will have to pay the packing and loading charges also.

Pickup truck rental companies also provide accessories such as loading ramps, blankets, and furniture pads, tie-down straps, and a dolly. You can use them to off load your luggage when you reach your destination. The rates are based on the actual distance traveled, space taken by the luggage, and its weight. You do not have to drive the truck, as the company provides a driver.

If you are not fully aware of the rules of the game, you may be hoodwinked into paying more freight charges than you actually need to pay. Since rents are based on the space your luggage occupies, you should see to it that it is accurately measured. Space should be measured on the floor, and not on the roof. Some companies may charge you for 24 cubic feet of space, including the roof, whereas your luggage occupies only 20 feet.

Besides being overcharged due to inaccurate space measurements, you may also be overcharged on the basis of the distance covered to reach your destination. Usually, the rental companies charge you for two ways, to and from the destination, on the plea that they spend fuel on the back journey as well. There are, however, some big companies whose offices may be located near your destination. So, in such cases, they may be charging you for a return journey they are not going to make.